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Full time @Spiralyze u Marketing
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  • Datum objavljivanja : 14. avgusta 2022.
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Opis posla

Spiralyze Graduate Management Consultant will work as a full-time employee for one of the fastest-growing Conversion Rate Optimization companies based in the United States of America. You will be exposed to opportunities that let you gain a new set of skills, as well as expected to bring something new to the table.

Daily tasks may vary, so a high level of flexibility is necessary for this position. Other key traits we find valuable in this job include having good attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and an insatiable hunger for learning new skills.



  • A bachelor’s degree from a top university – we don’t look for any specific degree as long as you have one!
  • High fluency in spoken and written English.
  • Loves questioning the status quo – You’ll never settle for what works, and you love to find ways to improve things!
  • Versatile – You are good at tackling tasks outside your comfort zone and can learn things quickly. We believe that being a Jack of all trades is the way to go!
  • Speed – We pride ourselves on getting things done – it doesn’t have to be perfect – we’ll iron out the details later!
  • Coachability – We don’t expect any experience from you, but we do expect you to catch on quickly and learn new things faster than most.
  • Empathy in Leadership – We believe that leadership is built on the frontlines – We want people who believe that no job is too low for them to do, and are always willing to do grunt work to understand the situation better.


Job Responsibilities:

Month 1:

Data Entry and Analysis

  • Upload A/B Testing data to our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Library with utmost detail
  • Manage and update the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Library regularly
  • Analyze testing data and catalog them in the right directories
  • Attend strategy meetings with company strategists and copywriters
  • Upload winning test highlights weekly in our channel

Conversion Intelligence

  • Conduct researches on competitors, depending on prompt
  • Extrapolate interesting data from the company’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Library and formulate test ideas
  • Create eye-catching media for presentation to colleagues and clients
  • Meet with different company departments to discuss possible optimization
  • Concentrate on speedy project completions as necessary
  • Flexibly focus on urgent tasks to completion


Month 3 onwards:

  • Lead your own projects in business operations, recruiting, marketing, research, etc.
  • Develop new business models for the company
  • Continuously optimize processes
  • Initiate value-adding projects to both business and clients



  • Cutting edge work: Learn from the leaders in the high growth Conversion Rate Optimization sector.
  • Work location: Permanently remote
  • Competitive salary: Starting from 800-1200 USD
  • Semi-flexible working hours: Must overlap with at least four hours from 8:00 am EST. The rest of your working day is up to you.
  • Technological reimbursement: Need a new computer? New software? We will help!
  • Education: You’ll have the opportunity to level up your skills with company-sponsored courses and training.
  • 20 days of paid vacation plus holidays: You can choose to follow the US or local Holidays.

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