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    Engoo is an online English school that offers one-on-one lessons to students from around the world. We currently provide over 1 million lessons per month, making us one of the largest online English schools in Asia.

    We produce our own teaching materials and run our own purpose-built interactive language-teaching platform.

    As a company our goal is to make online learning (and teaching) fun, easy and affordable.

    Engoo teaches English to students all over the world, from Korea, to Turkey, to Brazil — although most of our students are from Japan. With over 11,000 private tutors, we’re one of the most effective and affordable ways to learn a new language.

    We’re part of DMM.com, one of Japan’s biggest and most well-known digital companies. Engoo, our English language service, was launched in 2013 and has quickly become one of the most prominent online English services in the world.