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FOREO stands for max efficacy & lasting results. 

Life is sometimes complicated. Self-care isn’t for feeling as good as you look & nurturing the entire self through a fusion of the latest technologies, award-winning sleek Swedish design, and knowledge of natural skin processes. 

Proudly born upon the Stockholm panorama in 2013, and blurring the lines between beauty, innovation & tech, FOREO quickly expanded into a progressive worldwide skin-tech leader with easy-to-use, beautifully designed & durable devices for instantly visible, lasting pro-level results at home. 

From the creation of an at-home supercharged 2-min full facial with UFO™, total 4-in-1 oral care with ISSA™, eye illuminating IRIS™… The latest editions changing the face of beauty are the 4th generation of the world’s 1st & best-selling, iconic & original silicone sonic facial brush – LUNA™; the microcurrent facelift device – BEAR™. 

The “one size doesn’t fit all” rule of personalizable FOREO devices got applied to cosmetics, fusing into cosmetics and leading to the development of the world’s 1st and only DIY base for at-home masks – FOREO Imagination™. This introduced the age of pure health & well-being, the FOREO way, with adaptable, multi-faceted new technologies directing the beauty-tech category towards sustainability and clean beauty and putting you in charge as the creative director of your skincare. As a holistic return to nature, we aim to deliver the purest fresh nutrients below the skin surface to act on a deeper cellular level – with better solutions – built with you, future, and well-being in mind. Our job is to find how to do things better. Yours is to enjoy living in your skin.