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Internship 2024 – Serbia/Belgrade

Internship 2024 – Serbia/Belgrade

Internship Description

If you are a student looking for an opportunity to expand your knowledge and make first steps towards your future career in IT industry, we just might be the place for you!

We love sharing our knowledge with new talents through teamwork, projects and mentorship, keeping a strong link between the curriculum and real-life practice.

Take a look at our calendar below for the 1st half of 2024. to see when your preferable technology is scheduled for and apply!


What do we offer?

  • 3 weeks (8 hours per day) of internship
  • Opportunity to work in a team on a project that imitates the real-life projects that our employees work on
  • Mentors who guide you through the process
  • Individual approach to students
  • The latest technologies and methodologies
  • Great colleagues to learn from and work with
  • Possibility to become a part of Levi9



You need to be a student if you want to apply for internship program in our company (3rd, 4th or final year of studies at some of the IT oriented departments from Universities in Serbia)

*Important note: Keep in mind that selection process starts some time before the internship itself, so you will receive feedback in a timely manner.

Apply by sending CV to: talent-serbia@levi9.com

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